Reiki Healing Session / Crystal Healing Session -
Duration: 1hr
Healing of 7 chakra energy centers on the body. Removal of energy blocks causing emotional, mental or physical pain. Relives pain. (headaches, back aches, muscle pain, joint paint, stress, anxiety, depression)

Meditation Sessions
Duration: 1 - 3 Hours
Sessions will be set with client for bi-weekly or monthly meetings.
Client will learn the basics of meditation and set goals for what they wish to heal through the meditation process.

Home Cleansing -
Duration 1 - 2 Hours
Removal of unwanted negative energy from the home. Protection.

Card Reading ( One person )
Duration 45 minutes
Card readings may be done in person on over the phone. In depth reading regarding one specific question the client has or general overview (past, present, future)

Card Reading ( Group )
Card Readings for parties, events and large groups.
Duration: 2 hours